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We are on a mission to reduce crime by actively addressing it outside of our homes

I am a homeowner who wanted to do everything possible to ensure the safety and security of my family. Part of my strategy included putting up multiple Ring home security cameras. Pretty quickly, I started waking up to video clips of suspicious activity occurring outside of my home. After checking social media, I would see that other neighbors were catching the same suspicious activity throughout the neighborhood.

At first, the suspicious activity consisted of “Car-Door-Checking” and trespassing but it quickly escalated early one morning when someone tried to kick in my neighbor’s back door. The most frustrating part? The suspect was caught on multiple types of cameras throughout the neighborhood for over an hour before he attempted to gain entry to my neighbor’s home. I knew that this could have been prevented.

I came to the conclusion that solving this problem would require an entirely different approach to home security, starting at the neighborhood level. My idea was to create a new type of professional camera monitoring that would immediately review camera motion alerts and call the police if necessary. It would have to work with multiple types of existing cameras like Ring, Arlo, etc. in order to give the monitoring team a more comprehensive view of each neighborhood.

Then it hit me – this service isn’t just about protecting individual homes. Signing cameras up for the service makes the entire neighborhood inhospitable to criminal activity. VigilSight truly enables us to align against crime at the neighborhood level, and that provides a level of security for ourselves and our families that up until now did not exist. Please join me on our mission to make all of our homes and neighborhoods safer and more secure.

Byron Revels, CEO

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