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Turn your existing camera into a Virtual Security Guard

We get it, you can't address every camera motion alert that pops up on your phone. Our pros keep an eye out for suspicious activity during the evening hours and alert the police when necessary. Works with your camera of choice.

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"It was shocking how many times we and our neighbors have picked up suspicious activity on our cameras. Adding VigilSight has been great for peace of mind...that we can sleep soundly knowing the police will be called immediately if that suspicious activity occurs!"


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Cameras Are a Great Start

The story is all too common: you wake up to a camera-generated motion alert showing suspicious activity occurring on your property while you slept. Unfortunately, it's already too late to do anything about it because motion alerts are only actionable when you are awake and quick to respond.

Virtual Shield Against Crime

VigilSight actively monitors exterior home security camera motion alerts during the evening hours and alerts the police if suspicious activity is detected. Add VigilSight to your cameras to create a virtual shield around your home, yard, driveway, and neighborhood!

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High Priority Police Response

VigilSight is not a traditional home security company. We focus on preventing criminal activity by addressing suspicious behavior outside of your home. Our approach to home and neighborhood security ensures that we have zero false alarms and our calls to the Police receive a fast response time. VigilSight calls for service receive the highest priority designation because the suspicious activity has been verified by our Monitoring Agents.

The Neighborhood Effect - Aligning Against Crime

VigilSight is not just about protecting individual homes. Signing up your cameras for the service makes your entire neighborhood safer. VigilSight enables camera owners to align against crime at the neighborhood level which allows our Monitoring Agents to provide better information to the police and serves as a powerful deterrent to would-be criminals.

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